Vanity Planet Drives Record High ROAS With CYS

Curly. Straight. Light. Dark. Angular. Smooth. Bold. Natural. Thick. Thin. For Vanity Planet, beauty isn’t something you add or apply—it’s something you reveal.


Zenatta needed a consistent and predictable way to generate new leads for their Zoho customization consulting business.

CYS researched the marketplace and determined that Google Ads would be an excellent strategy for this niche B2B lead generation.


  • Implement call tracking to capture the full impact of leads generated from SEM

  • Implement conversion tracking to ensure best accuracy in web analytics tools

  • Implement attribution modeling to understand user’s full acquisition journey

  • Perform a complete PPC audit & build to create new advertising accounts based on best practices

  • Begin remarketing to bring potential customers back to the site for a lower cost-per-click

  • Create separate campaigns targeting different search intent to capitalize on less competitive markets



ROAS from Google Ads


Increase Over Lifetime Average ROAS


New Qualified Leads per Month


Revenue / Month Generated from Google Ads


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I met Tony while working on a recent client integration project. He was working at the time to tighten up their analytics and acquisition strategy and I could see quickly that he was not kidding around. About the same time we started thinking about how we could generate more new business for our consultancy and it was easy choice to give Claim Your Space a shot.

They haven’t disappointed. In less than 90 days we’re seeing at least 10x ROI, and possibly 15:1. Real results right out of the gate. That’s uncommon, and refreshing and a it’s been a real win for our business.
— Brett Martin, Zenatta Consulting, President