Founded by award winning SEM expert Tony Chopp in 2014 Claim Your Space is...


...a razor sharp, analytics driven SEM firm that specializes in planning, optimizing, implementing and analyzing paid search marketing activities. We have over a decade of expertise on all major sales channels including Adwords (search, display and PLA's), Bing, Facebook, Instagram and more. We manage over $5M/year in paid budgets for our clients.


We help business drive meaningful business growth with an effective and measurable traffic acquisition strategy.


💰  Let’s get this out of the way first. Our projects follow a standard format and pricing: $1,500 per month for three months, followed by 15% of ad spend. We have clients who spend $500 - $1,000 per month in media. And we charge them $150 to watch over their accounts. It only works this way because we set everything up in the first place.

It’s the foundational ideas that make digital marketing effective--the way we ask and answer questions--not the amount spent.

90 Day Digital  Bootcamp


Month One - Conversion Tracking Set Up + Ad Accounts Set Up + Remarketing + Keyword Research

The first month is a big one. We'll start with a conversion tracking audit. Not measuring conversions? That's okay, we'll still start there. Defining what we're measuring and being confident in our ability to measure that thing is the key to our entire strategy moving forward. We like to push past cost-per-lead and talk about cost-per-qualified-lead.

We’ll get all the necessary access to existing Adwords, Bing, Facebook ads accounts or set up new ones, and make all the necessary connections for proper conversion tracking. We’ll set up all remarking pixels that will be used for future campaigns.

We'll lean into understanding the way money moves through your business and use that to model our entire acquisition strategy. How much is a customer worth to your business? What is your historical close rate to sale? 

And we'll use that financial model and everything we've learned about your business from you and our research of your competitors to inform our keyword research.


Month Two - Campaign Set Up + Traffic Testing & Optimization + Remarketing

In month one we set the table, then in month two we serve the food. Month two is all about iteration and pushing traffic—creation of new keyword strategies, new campaigns, implementing advanced bidding technology, setting up remarketing audiences and campaigns, and reworking ad copy for continuous improvement.

Digital marketing is all about experimentation. It's a high-touch game. The more we test, the more likely we are to find the winners and loser that break the averages. 


Month Three - Conversion Rate Optimization  

By month three we have a solid understanding the business as a whole, and of variances in conversion rate by traffic source--and we’ve done some good conversion rate optimization in Adwords and our other digital marketing channels. Now we look for other opportunities to push the envelope even more. [Hint: It's usually about the landing pages, tweaking the remarketing, or the lead managment after the inital lead process.] 

Some Recent Adwords Results We Like to Show Off

Our Clients

I was completely impressed with the service and expertise Claim Your Space was able to provide for my company. They researched my niche business and developed new strategies for my marketing needs. I plan to works with CYS long-term. They’re highly recommended!!
— Jeremy L. LabTech Supply Company
I’ve worked with a bunch of companies who know their industry well. And who have a metrics-based, real-world, results-oriented view of the world and really get the big picture. And who are smart and a pleasure to work with. But it’s quite rare to even find it all within the same company. To find all of that within one person is extraordinarily rare! Tony is the best all-around marketing executive I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked with many. One of the other things that comes to mind about why he’s so good is that he executes. He’s got well-thought-out plans and strategies, but he implements, measures, adjusts, and moves forward.
— Scott H. Cosmetic Funnels

Google Analytics is our Playground

Quick run through of the first things we look for in an existing Google Analytics account for a new digital marketing project.

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