CYS Wins "Best Use of Analytics" at IMPACT18

I’ve been sounding like a broken record for some time now.

Getting traffic is easy’ish. SEO works. PPC works. Social works. Paid social works. Content works. Native works. You can get traffic.

And sometimes that’s enough in the beginning. With our young-business clients we spend a lot of time just making sure traffic is growing. It’s fundamental, grow or disappear—everyone knows this.

But then things get more complicated. Inevitably the question goes from “should we invest in marketing?” to “how should we invest our marketing budget most efficiently?” Or my favorite, “this is really working, how much can we invest?”

My friends—this is why you work with CYS.

Because fundamentally we believe in an analytical approach to marketing, and that there are things to know, and they can be learned through experimentation and measurement.

Our biggest wins have been in this arena. Including our recent win for “Best Use of Analytics” at the IMPACT18 digital marketing conference in Las Vegas this fall.



Measuring Cost per Lead is Easy—Try Harder

It’s not even fun anymore. Just kidding, it is. But it’s really just the start. We won the award for digging deeper.

This is the end result. A report that doesn’t require any understanding of web analytics—imagine that!

Cost-per-appointment, by marketing channel. Implying and informing the logical next questions: where to invest marketing dollars (hint: try paid search).

CTM+GA Analytics Integration.jpg

Showing Off at the Conference

We had a big time talking about all this at the conference. They even gave me a microphone and a spot on the program!

Do You Feel Like We Do?

I’m looking for more projects like this. Long view, deep analytics puzzles. There’s big value for both sides. My business gets to do amazing work and grow. Your business gets to invest your marketing dollars efficiently and grow. We all learn stuff along the way.