It's Not You, It's Me

We used to have tons of clients. It was a huge pain. And truthfully the level of service suffered. The reality is that each Adwords setup is unique. There are patterns, undoubtedly--things we always do--like using call tracking and setting up super tight conversion tracking. But for every pattern we find, there's another situation that upends the idea.

10 Clients--Max

Now we do it differently. We keep 10 clients at the most at any one time. That's it. Seriously. For our small team this is the sweet spot where we can touch every client, every day. And that's what we think it takes to get really excellent results in Adwords--lots of touches.

And when we part ways with a client--hopefully because we've worked ourselves out of a job with a money-raining lead funnel--then we run a few Adwords ads for ourselves like you just clicked on. We eat our own dogfood, for sure : )

Some Recent Adwords Results We Like to Show Off

We Like Short Term Projects

It seems like most agencies want to find ways to keep their clients around for years. I can see why. Everyone loves monthly recurring revenue. Sometimes that makes sense for the client too--but sometimes it doesn't.

We love the 3 month setup project...

  • Month One--Setup: Keyword research, setting up a new account or adjusting an existing one, make sure we get conversion tracking right
  • Month Two--Experiment: Setup 3-5 experiments (based on how much, or how little traffic we get with budget) that target either increasing CTR or conversion rate or lowering cost-per-lead
  • Month Three--Past the Lead: Begin consulting with client about what happens after the phone call or live chat. We start talking about lead nurturing and lead-to-sale conversion rate optimization and sharing our considerable experince of what works best

Sure There's Tons More We Can Do

But if you don't want to pay an agency for the rest of your life, I don't mind. I'll teach you everything I know. I'll be happy if you tell other people good things about working with us--and maybe we can take them on as a client if you're ready to take off the training wheels and go it alone!

Tony Chopp is an award winning SEM expert and founder of Claim Your Space, Adwords consultants based in OC, California. Helping businesses find new customers with intent to purchase. #adwords #facebookAds #bingAds #leadGen

That's It

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