50% Reduction in Cost-per-Lead for New Client

We took over an Adwords account for a legal services company on 10.1.16. Client previously had no GA goal tracking set up, so first up--we set up three goals:

  • Form fill
  • Phone call
  • Interact with live chat

Side note: Client was not using live chat before we signed them up, but we really drive hard that our PPC clients get into it. We always get good lead volume from chat. They also weren't using any call tracking and we fixed that right away as well!

We just completed our November report and after 60 days with the account, comparing all of September before we took over to November:

  • Sept spend = $4,554, Nov spend = $4,947
  • -57% Reduction in Avg CPC (from $17.93 to $7.66)
  • +107% Increase in Avg CTR (from 1.82% to 3.77%
  • -30% Reduction in Bounce Rate (from 87.23% to 60.51%)
  • +60% Increase in Avg Session Duration (from 0:33 to 0:53)
  • +152% Increase in monthly campaign traffic (from 256 sessions to 646)

We like to call that by it's technical term: 'way more better traffic for same amount of money'

Accomplished via annoyingly tight account structure, SKAG's, no broad match, and automated position-based and time-of-day bid modifiers via script.

We didn't have any goal conversion data from September so no conversion rates, but we started to get data in October after we got everything wired up. Our optimization throughout October and November resulted in these additional improvements month-over-month.

  • +88% Increase in Lead Volume (from 79 to 149)
  • -50% Reduction in Cost-per-Lead (from $66 to $33)
  • +77% Increase in Conversion Rate (from 12.70% to 22.37%)

We even impressed ourselves with that conversion rate from November. We're seeing rock solid performance from click-to-call ads, the new click-to-message extension and Spanish language targeting--all of which are big drivers behind the lower CPL's and higher conversion rates.