Not an SEO Company

tony chopp

We don't do a ton of SEO here at CYS, but that's not because we don't know our way around. Quite the opposite in fact! Rather that our paid search clients on Adwords and Bing and our social advertising clients using Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads just keep us so busy we have to focus! 

Anyway about once a year someone talks me into doing SEO work after we've built their trust with successful PPC campaigns. When we do--we're going for the win!

Here's an except from a recent informal recap to said client who talked me into it the beginning of this year.

Let's start here for context. All time record high number of keywords are ranked on pages 1-5. The number of keywords ranked on the first five pages has doubled this year.

Keywords ranked on the first five pages has doubled this year

Next up we look at all keywords on the first page. See attached 'all-first-page-keywords'. There are a total of 498 keywords (including summer and winter) currently ranking on page one

Next we look at our 'high importance keywords'. These are KW's we're following extra closely and tracking their positions. There are 83 that we're currently watching. And we're measuring your sites rank for them both locally and nationally. 

  • 46 of our 83, or 55% of our high value keywords are on page one
  • 16 out of 83, or 19% are in the top three positions



Finally here are two sample test searches, both for Snow Plow Parts, one in Wixom and one in Farmington Hills. We're seeing top position for both. If you're seeing anything different sending a screenshot will be helpful. We know the search results are dynamic and can vary significantly based on what location or device or time of day you're searching from, just to name a few. 


#1 Position for "Snow Plow Parts" in Wixom, MI

#1 Position for "Snow Plow Parts" in Farmington Hills, MI

We really have great respect for our SEO friends in the SEM world. The two are really just like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together so perfectly! And although is not a main dish on the menu here at CYS we still have the chops to execute it expertly!