Opteo Review [Part 1]

We try tons of Adwords tools. Probably all of them. Only the best rise to the top of our day-to-day workflow. It's hard to optimize Adwords on an ongoing basis. It's a lot to stay on top of. Opteo is a really solid solution that we've been leaning into at our Agency.

Opteo is a complete Adwords management tool that allows you to improve your account with data-driven improvements. Watch their algorithm spot the most profitable areas in your account, monitor and diagnose performance issues in real time, and help you optimize the performance of your account with easy-to-do tasks.

Here are six improvement tasks accomplish regularly, against a CPL goal:

  1. Test ad creative (and write a new ads)
  2. Optimize bids
  3. Detect landing page errors
  4. Optimize display campaigns
  5. Structure accounts
  6. Analyze search queries

We're going to write a whole series about each of those (and more) because we've really been having fun with it. But if you're ready to jump right in...